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This is our number one selling activity – Voted the UK’s muddiest, toughest obstacle course 2017 and 2018!

Our famous assault course has been featured on Sky Sports, Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model, Sports Relief 2012, Fat Families, Soccer AM, Chris Evans and Johnny Sporting Challenge, Disney Goalmouth, Mr World and BBC This Week.

We are also home to the famous Nuts Challenge, which is held twice a year and incorporates our assault course. 

 This activity is fantastic for children of all abilities, it will push them to their limits whilst being positively encouraged throughout the course. Working as a team they will learn…


The course includes over 40+ natural and man-made obstacles plus plenty of mud! The benefits are remarkable as working in teams they will learn new skills and realise their true potential:

Below are key learning outcomes from the Assault course activity.

Boosts morale and motivation

Builds trust  and strengthen’s relationships

Increases confidence and motivation

Enhances concentration and creativity

Communication skills and problem solving

Everyone works together as a TEAM!!

Each student will learn to work together and build TRUST

Builds Builds Confidence and motivation!

Our Assault Course is suitable for everyone of all fitness

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